ABNG Europe -Madrid

The Connecting Bridge

ABNG Europe -Madrid


One of the Most Significant Economies in the World

A place for business and new innovations, the capital of Spain offers a safe, comfortable setting making it one of the most attractive cities in the world for doing business. This diverse city has an eclectic mix of business at its core, from banking to textiles. Madrid has an amazing ability to make work a pleasurable time thanks to its sunny climate and hospitable nature.

Located in the center of Spain, Madrid has a long history of being at the center of cultural, political, and economic innovation. The city has demonstrated its ability to reach the global marketplace in virtually every industry imaginable, with well-designed transportation infrastructure connecting Madrid to Europe and the rest of the world. With such a central location in Spain and quick connections throughout Europe, Madrid is a hub of international business opportunity.

The Bridge Between New York & Dubai

The international business community is consistently looking for major economic and commercial hubs. Thanks to its existing modern infrastructure and the availability of a skilled workforce all in a central location, Madrid is well positioned for major business.

Our Madrid sub corporate office has been strategically located to connect us with our European manufacturers, clients and to bridge communication between our New York and Dubai teams. Through our Madrid office, our corporate office in New York is capable of supporting and communicating with our teams around the world, overcoming the time zone barrier most other companies struggle with.

One of Madrid’s most important resources is people. Our sales team has taken advantage of the ample supply of skilled and trained multinational workforce.


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