Commitments to our Clients and our Society



Adding Value to Our Community and Around the World

At ABNG International, we strive to be different from our competitors. We are not just a simple distributor, middleman, or a local trading company. We’re a partner.  We believe having a sustainable, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with our clients can achieve unparalleled growth.

ABNG International began as a dream shared between a small tight-knit group of friends and colleagues.  Since our company’s inception, we’ve reached considerable milestones in bringing our vision to life. We’ve represented leading, global corporations such as 3M, Gerson, Hearos, Geotex and more. Our successes have led us to establish branch offices in major economic centres around the world in Madrid and Dubai to better serve our clients internationally. In order to be successful in an international market, we strongly believe in the need to have a local presence in each country staffed by our own team.

After we team up with a manufacturer, our core mission is to provide dedicated support and consistent, reliable business to them. To do so, we participate in and support your business every step of the way. We provide our own expert sales team to support marketing, branding, and sales. Our commitment to ensuring a smooth, painless transition into the global market is what drives us to assist our manufacturers with obtaining the necessary documents, licenses, and registrations to ship their goods to customers from anywhere.

We make the same commitment to the distributors we serve, leveraging our expertise to boost product sales to local markets around the world. Because we believe that only by working together as a team can success be achieved, ABNG International is here to support your company. We will assist with marketing and branding, provide samples, participate in expos, and generate new business.





Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Values.

We know that the growth of our company lies in the growth of the manufacturers we serve, our distribution partners, and our clients. However, we believe firmly in our social responsibility to serve the communities in which we live and work in. One way to give back to our communities is to help develop more jobs.

In order to maintain our vision, we partner with premium product manufacturers and top distributors to provide quality products to our clients. By creating strong, long-term relationships with our manufacturers and distributors, we aim to provide consistent, reliable business that stimulates economic growth in every country we serve.