How ABNG is contributing to the UAE’s infrastructure

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How ABNG is contributing to the UAE’s infrastructure

The UAE is a country in constant change. From the towering skyscrapers of Dubai to the massive infrastructure projects connecting the emirates, the UAE’s skyline is a testament to its ambition and growth. But behind every shiny building and vast highway is a foundation. That is an important role played by building materials companies in UAE,  like ABNG.

The backbone of infrastructure

ABNG, a leading building materials trader in Dubai and beyond, believes that our contribution is more than just providing materials. We understand that there is more to it than just doing it. We support the country’s development and provide critical building blocks to support the UAE’s evolving infrastructure. We offer a wide range of building materials, from innovative insulation solutions to environmentally friendly products. This ensures your project has access to the best materials for every application.

We maintain a supply chain network that ensures timely and efficient delivery of materials to construction sites across the UAE. This helps keep projects on track and avoids delays that can impact infrastructure development. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of building materials and their applications. We provide valuable technical support and advice to architects, engineers, and contractors, ensuring their projects use the best materials for optimal performance and longevity.

ABNG, as one of the best building materials trading companies in Dubai, is focusing on sustainable building materials as the UAE strives for a greener future. We provide environmentally friendly products and promote responsible sourcing practices. This helps build sustainable infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact.

Supporting local businesses

We actively support local manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE. This will foster a healthy construction ecosystem, create jobs and contribute to the country’s overall economic growth. ABNG is always looking for innovative building materials and technologies. We actively collaborate with leading manufacturers to bring the latest advances to the UAE construction industry. This allows projects to take advantage of top solutions to improve efficiency, durability and safety.


By providing quality materials, fostering innovation and collaborating with industry partners, we are making a significant contribution to the development of a strong and sustainable national infrastructure. As a leading building materials suppliers in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE, our goal is to support construction projects of all sizes. Together, we can build a future where the UAE’s infrastructure continues to inspire and set an example.

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