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Manufactures can be very big and have well-known names in their local countries, but many of them do not have an international presence. The primary reason most manufactures do not want to start international business operations is because the manufacturer needs to open an export division with multiple employees, including sales, operations, administration, logistics and international customer support.

Hiring employees can be very costly with overheads like salary, traveling expenses, health insurance, pension and retirement fund. They also need to provide employees with benefits.

Additionally, most of countries have employee unions and many manufacturers have to deal with union issues and employee settlements.

All these expenses are added to the product cost and can be super expensive for export. This is why manufacturers appoint ABNG International as their export division. With a fraction of the above expenses, we do A-Z for our manufacturers. The end result will be, our clients receive premium quality products with a competitive price.

What We Do?

  • Product Branding
  • Marketing
  • Product Regisration with Governmental Public & Private Authorities
  • Appoint Distributors
  • Obtain Sales
  • Prepare export documents
  • Controls Logistic operations
  • Through our local networks, we provide local technical and customer support by overcoming time differneces and language barriers

Our Global Partners

Sustainable – Hello World, We Are In This Journey Together

Nature is essential in every aspect of human life and well-being. Our team believes environmental sustainability provides a clear route to prosperity and well-being for all. As we care about nature, we only manufacture and supply sustainable products. Below are some of the sustainable products we supply globally.

IKO Roofing Shingles and IKO Armourplan Single Ply Roofing


IKO is a pioneer name and global leader in the Roofing, Waterproofing, Insulation and Road Industries. Established in 1951 with one factory in Canada, currently IKO has 40+ factories located in the USA, Canada, Belgium, UK, France, Holland, Slovakia, and Germany.

IKO’s sustainable Roofing products can be used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.

IKO Roofing products have solutions for flat and slope roofs.

IKO Roofing Shingles are being used in mega projects in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, including the beautiful Red Sea Global.

IKO Roofing Shingles are made in Slovakia, Europe and IKO Armourplan Single Ply Roofing is made in UK.

Roof Tiles in Qatar

AWS Roofing Shingles


AWS Roofing Shingles also known as All Weather Shingles, are a weightless, waterproofing and sustainable roofing system that can be used for Residential and Commercial roofs.

Manufactured in Europe with premium quality raw materials, AWS Roofing Shingles are cost effective compared to its competitors.

AWS Shingles can be used all around the globe in any weather conditions, including extreme heat, sand storm, rain or snow.

Offered with premium warranty for 15 years and limited warranty for 30 years, AWS shingles can be a perfect fit for Indian sub continents, Africa and the Middle East, Specifically in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and throughout Saudi Arabia in the extreme heat and snow falling winter seasons

Landscaping – IKO Multifix

Let’s make the place beautiful!

Landscaping is one of the simplest ways that your community can establish its identity.

Not only does landscaping help preserve nature, having proper landscaping also helps conserve natural resources such as soil quality, air, and even water.

In addition to reducing noise pollution, lawns and landscapes can also reduce glare and light reflection, creating a safer environment by making it easier for drivers to see pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

Landscaping makes streets cleaner as well as parks and beaches a more comfortable place to spend time.

Since the world is looking for products that are close to nature, IKO Multifix, made in Belgium, can be a great sustainable solution for landscaping in every country.

IKO Road Products and ABNG Road Patch


Roads are one of the main parts of the infrastructure in developed countries and a basic primary need for developing nations. Without good roads, transportation can be dreadful. When it comes to road solutions, ABNG International exclusively partnered with one of the world’s biggest road manufacturers, IKO Roads from Belgium, Europe, which is part of the IKO Group. We also manufacture ABNG Cold Mix Road Patch in New York, USA and supply globally. ABNG Road Patch is a sustainable, easy solution for patching roads without blocking traffic. We provide A-Z road products which includes new road construction, maintenance products, including patching work, bridge solution products, markings, lines, breaks and cracks etc.

From the raw materials to the finished product, our road products are made in the United States and Belgium with North American and European quality standards.Our products are made to be used for faster application, minimize road blocking and open traffic immediately.

Let’s have better roads and make your nation proud and assure safety for every passenger.

We Pride Ourselves In

Supporting Branding, Marketing & Sales

Developing our manufacturers' products is a challenge in the global market, but it’s our passion to push through.

Providing local support

Assisting our distributors to obtain more sales is key because their growth make us a successful company.

Connecting Teams Around the World

We support and source products and services for our clients through our global channel partners.

Offering 24/7 Customer Support

Our team is located in North America to the Middle East to assist our clients without any delay.

Our Differentiation

At ABNG International, we strive to be different from our competitors. We are not just a simple distributor, middleman, or a local trading company. We’re a partner. We believe having a sustainable, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with our clients can achieve unparalleled growth.

In order to maintain our vision, we partner with premium product manufacturers and top distributors to provide quality products to our clients. By creating strong, long-term relationships between our manufacturers and distributors, we aim to provide consistent, reliable business that stimulates economic growth in every country we serve.


Our Advantages

For Manufacturers

We are an all-in-one solution for manufacturers looking to enter the global market
We establish your brands in international markets through our international offices and team network
We represent you to multiple clients in multiple countries
We handle registration, origin certification, legalization, licensing, & shipping
We overcome language barriers & time zone differences
We secure your payment
We eliminate the need for manufacturers to invest in local offices and staff in other countries
We provide sales support and assistance through our local offices and staff network
We facilitate product registration with end clients
We can assure regular, consistent orders

For Distributors

We provide a source for multiple products under one company
We provide premium quality brands
We offer the best competitive rates
We provide our local sales team & technical support
We provide training, marketing, & branding assistance
We provide rapid and reliable product delivery
We provide 24/7 technical support and assistance from our offices around the globe