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A Greater Measure of Confidence

About Us

Welcome to ABNG International

ABNG International is the leading partner of choice for American and European manufacturers who would like to market, brand, and sell their products internationally and a trusted partner for foreign distributors looking to sell premium quality products. A US-based company in New York with branch offices in Madrid and Dubai, we are perfectly positioned to communicate with and support our partners, clients, and customers around the globe. We offer intuitive capabilities to the manufacturers we serve to boost their global presence and provide an efficient platform to execute business deals with confidence. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trustworthy partner with a long-term perspective toward mutual growth.

Who we are

Building the Bridge for Manufacturers Globally

ABNG International is the exclusive bridge for American and European manufacturers who want to promote and sell their products in the international marketplace. Through our global offices, sales team network, and our leading distribution partners in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, we work alongside manufacturers to brand, market, ship, and sell their products around the globe.

At ABNG International, we strive to make the business process as painless and seamless as possible. We work alongside our manufacturers every step of the way. We’re not just a distributor, middleman, or trading company. We are your partner. Unlike other companies who sell your products, receive their payment and leave, we work with everyone from the factory to the end clients at every facet of the business process. We believe that only by working together can growth and success be achieved.

Currently, we are the exclusive representative of some of the leading manufacturers globally, and are always looking to partner with diverse product manufacturers who share our global market perspective.


In order to secure large orders on a regular basis internationally, manufacturers need to team up with local distributors experienced in their markets. Finding the right partner can be expensive and time consuming. With ABNG International, we utilize our global network to build new relationships between manufacturers and distributors.

If you are a manufacturer working to bring your products into the international marketplace, please contact us. We will be happy to show you the step-by-step process of how we can support your business. We look forward to serving you!

What we do

A Complete Solution and One Shop Global Entry for Manufacturers

The international marketplace is a multi-trillion dollar industry and offers both growth and profit opportunities for manufacturers. The problem many companies face, however, is a lack of knowledge and access to foreign markets. To complicate the matter more, manufacturers need to have a local office and hire a trained, knowledgeable staff to sell the products to even establish themselves in foreign markets and grow. Without such assistance and knowledge, entering into a foreign overseas country can be risky and expensive. Sales team members need to be trained and adapt to working with clients in different time zones and speak different languages. Some manufacturers may not ev

en be aware of the logistical problems and payment terms required to ship and sell their products abroad.

To solve these problems, ABNG International works alongside your business from beginning to end. Leveraging our global offices, connections, and experienced sales and support teams, we simplify the business process, communicating with the right partners to ensure your products reach the right consumers by leveraging our extensive local and international network of contacts.

Once we establish a partnership with a manufacturer, we assist in establishing your brand in both local and international markets. We begin by acting as a market consultant, researching and analyzing international markets to determine a demographic interested in your product.

We strive to be an all-in-one solution for manufacturers. While we represent and sell your products in international markets, your company can focus on manufacturing products to meet our consistent, regular orders. We will pick up the products from your factory and prepare them for shipment to our distributors internationally. After securing your payment, we handle obtaining the necessary documentation, licenses, and registrations required for shipping your products globally.

A Trusted Partner for Distributors

We believe that our goals must align with the distributors we partner with, which is the most crucial piece to continuing to grow as a business. For us to obtain regular orders, we rely upon our distribution partners to sell our products and reach the end clients. As the source of local sales orders, the distributor’s success is intertwined with our own. In the spirit of mutual growth, ABNG International is committed to helping and working together as a team with our distributors. We can provide technical, sales, and customer support on behalf of our manufacturers to ensure our products reach the end clients.

To obtain dominance in the market, we must supply the best products to our distributors. Through our quality assurance check, we ensure the products we supply are from premium quality brands with the approvals and certificate standards from the US and Europe. We simplify the business process as a source of multiple products under one company, avoiding the hassle of having to negotiate with other businesses. In addition, we provide competitive pricing for our distributors to compete in international markets. If needed, we are also happy to participate alongside you in expos and events.

With ABNG International, we work to ensure rapid and reliable business. We understand that working as a team with our distributors allows us to achieve our goals and grow stronger as a partner.


“At ABNG International, we believe that only by working together as a team can success be achieved. We’re not just a middleman—we’re a partner. With offices around the world, we overcome time zone differences and language barriers. We believe that by building strong, long-term relationships with our partners, clients, and customers, we can grow and support our communities.”