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IKO Road

Roads are one of the main parts of the infrastructure in developed countries and basic primary needs for developing nations. Without good roads, transportation can be dreadful. When it comes to road solution, the Blue Seas team exclusively represents one of the world’s biggest road manufacturers, IKO Roads from Belgium, Europe, part of the IKO Group. We also represent ABNG Road Patch from New York, USA to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide A-Z road products that includes new road construction, maintenance products, including patching works, bridge solution products, markings, and lines, breaks and cracks solution etc.

From the raw materials to the finished products, our road products are made in the United States and Belgium with North American and European quality standards. Our products are made to use for faster application to minimize road blocking and open traffic immediately. Let’s have better roads and make your nation proud and assure safety of every passenger.

IKO Road Products (Made in Belgium, Europe)

Markings & Lines (PMMA)
  • Used for:
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Pedestrian & School Crossings
  • Disabled Parking
  • Bus Lines
  • Separation of Traffic Fixtures
  • Non-slip Surface
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • HD White, HD Green, HD Blue, HD Red, HD Yellow, HD Black, HD Oker, HD Oxide Red

Repair Products

  • IKO Rephalt
  • IKO Oecophalt
  • IKO Rephalt Primer Spray

Renovation Products

  • IKO Liquid Asphalt Granules
  • IKO Liquid Asphalt Emulsion

Joint Fillers

  • Cracks on Road Surfaces
  • Fill Expansion Joints
  • Hot & Cold Joint Fillers
  • Fuel-resistant (for Airports)
  • New & Renovation Projects
  • Used on Concrete & Asphalt


  • For small or large renovation works – IKO Polystrong
  • Waterproofing Membranes – IKO Polybridge

Concrete Treatment

IKO Cure

  • Foundation Protection:
  • Bridges
  • Control Wells