Replacing your Roofs? Roof Shingles Can be a Great Option

quality building materials in Sharjah.

Replacing your Roofs? Roof Shingles Can be a Great Option

You could feel overwhelmed by the variety of roofing alternatives available if spring and summer storms have damaged your property or if it’s just time to repair your roof. Roof shingles are a fashionable, cost-effective option. ABNG International is dealing with the best quality building materials in Dubai. Here are a few reasons why choosing roof shingles can be a great option for your roofs.

They Look Great

Roof shingles are a good roofing option and they are highly adorable. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns that you can customize to your preferences. These shingles’ three-dimensional patterns can also be designed to mimic the appearance of pricey roofs. They have a premium appearance thanks to their depth and texture without the effort or cost of maintenance. They offer a distinctive appearance that can improve the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home, providing older homes and newer build homes with a timeless charm. ABNG International is dealing with the best quality building materials in Sharjah.

Available at a Great Price

These high-quality shingles are far less expensive than slate or shake roofs. Despite typically costing 20–30% more per square than 3-tab shingles, they may eventually pay for themselves because of how long-lasting and durable they are. Compared to 3-tab shingles, they need less upkeep and repair. Unlike regular shingles, which have warranties that last only 20–30 years, ABNG roof shingles’ guarantees often extend 30–50 years. Warranties for the best architectural shingles can last up to 75 years! (Since different manufacturers provide various advantages, be sure to ask your roofing contractor about the warranties that apply to your particular shingles.)

Withstanding Harsh Weather

However, the longevity of ABNG roof shingles is its main advantage. Compared to 3-tab shingles, they are stronger and heavier. Architectural shingles are built from numerous layers of material, refined asphalt, and laminated granules, as opposed to standard asphalt shingles, which are composed of a single layer of material on top of a fibreglass or cloth mat.

They have a substantially stronger wind resistance than conventional shingles because of their thickness and composition. Some can endure gusts of up to 120 mph, as opposed to ordinary shingles, which can usually only withstand winds of 60 to 80 mph. ABNG roof shingles are less prone to hail damage and offer superior fire resistance than regular composition shingles (useful if lightning strikes your property). They are therefore ideal for constantly changing weather. ABNG International is popular in dealing with high-standard building materials in Abu Dhabi.

Suitable for All Roofs

Roof shingles are simpler to cut and fit into nooks and crannies than slate, tile, or stone roofing materials. Compared to many other roofing materials, they are therefore simpler to install. Despite being heavier, ABNG roof shingles actually lessen the strain on the roof because, unlike conventional asphalt shingles, they don’t require additional support to be installed underneath them. This makes them suitable for a wide range of house types and ages, in contrast to older homes that may require major strengthening before installing a slate roof.

They can also be installed on roofs with steep slopes to make it easier for water and snow to slide down. Thus, it is clear that ABNG International is dealing with high-quality building materials in Dubai.

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