U.S.-Saudi Business Council Leads the U.S. Business Development Mission

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U.S.-Saudi Business Council Leads the U.S. Business Development Mission

The U.S-Saudi Business Council (USSBC) has led a U.S. business development mission in Riyadh. The main aim was to participate in the 5th Future Projects Forum (FPF). This event was organized by the Saudi Contractors Authority in Riyadh. The event was on the 22-23 of June 2023. This year, this is the second U.S. business development mission led by the U.S. Saudi Business Council in Saudi Arabia. ABNG International had become a part of this. As a leading building material supplier in Saudi Arabia, we are proud that we had made our contribution to this esteemed mission.

Delegates from U.S.

The U.S. delegation consisted of 11 business leaders from seven U.S. companies. ABNG International is one of those companies. We are extending our heartfelt thanks to the U.S.-Saudi business council for leading this mission.

There were also other U.S. companies that specialized in construction management, general contracting, engineering, video technology platforms, kitchen equipment manufacturing, advanced maritime physical security systems, architecture services for niche projects, and more. They were delegates who could be consulted for the power, building, landscape, and road solutions sectors. There are also companies that are new to the Saudi market. Being a leading supplier of road construction products in UAE, ABNG International has played a major role in the business development mission.

The Agenda of the Mission

The agenda of this mission is to bring a brief with an update on doing business in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi legal environment. It had discussions with U.S. members on the infrastructure of operating in Saudi Arabia. We also had a visit to the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce to learn about their services. Similarly, to meet one-on-one with their Saudi members.

The delegation participated in the 5th FPF. All of them exhibited their products and services in the USSBC booth. From this, they learned about opportunities across numerous sectors. This also held a one-on-one meeting with public and private sector owners who are looking for partners for their projects in different sectors. Moreover, a number of mission participants have already met as follow-ups from this.

With this business mission, ABNG International had truly become popular across the countries of the Middle East. The excellence in bringing high-quality products that are promising to future constructions in Saudi Arabia had made ABNG International a favorite building partner. By having a number of products, ABNG International is the leading company in bringing sustainable building materials UAE.

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