New Methods And Concepts Are Constantly Being Created by ABNG

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New Methods And Concepts Are Constantly Being Created by ABNG

Depending on your preferences, your budget, and the size and design of your outside space, there are a plethora of landscaping options to consider. ABNG Establish a focal point Add a stunning element to your yard, such a fountain, a statue, or a flowerbed with vibrant colors.

Get perfect landscape and home

Build a patio: we offers a terrific area for outside dining and entertaining. Select building materials that go well with your landscape and home. These are merely a few suggestions to get you going. Don’t be scared to use your imagination and try out new landscaping concepts because the options are truly unlimited! We are the top building materials suppliers in UAE.

Plant trees and shrubs: ABNG offer privacy, aesthetic appeal, and shade. Pick plants that can survive in your climate and don’t need much upkeep.

Increase outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting can make your yard more attractive and safe. Path lights, spotlights, or string lights should be added.

Make a path: A path can enhance the appeal and usefulness of your yard. To make a straight or winding path, use materials like stone, gravel, or brick. Build a retaining wall to prevent erosion and to create a tier-like environment. Build a solid and beautiful wall using materials like concrete blocks, stones, or wood by our building materials company in Dubai.

Design an outside living space: Include a fire pit, cozy seats, and even an outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space. For gathering and relaxation, this might be a terrific area for family and friends.

Make a xeriscape: a xeriscape is a low-maintenance, water-efficient landscape made out of low-water-demanding plants and materials. For regions with little rainfall or water constraints, this can be a fantastic alternative.

In order to design attractive and useful outdoor environments, new methods and concepts are constantly being created in the field of landscaping. Here are some fresh methods for landscaping suggestions.

Landscaping that is edible

Using local plants in your landscaping not only gives it a distinctive charm, but it also supports the environment in the area. Because we have already acclimated to the temperature and soil, native plants require less upkeep. So believe ABNG building materials trading companies in Dubai. Landscaping that is edible including edible plants in your landscape not only makes it more attractive, but it also gives you access to fresh food. Vegetable gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees are examples of edible landscape. Due to their busy schedules, many people are searching for low-maintenance landscaping choices. This can involve employing native plants, including stone patios and walks, including hardscaping elements, and picking plants that need little watering and trimming. Adding greenery to limited places is made easy with vertical gardens. They can be made using trellises, living walls, or wall-mounted planters, and they can include a range of plants like succulents, herbs, and flowers.


Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that employs low-water-use plants and other elements to produce a lovely and environmentally friendly landscape. Assess Family Needs a landscape should be an outdoor extension of indoor living areas. It should be functional and provide space for family activities. Before the designer can create such an environment, knowledge of certain family characteristics is essential. The questions used in the form at the end can be among those asked of the customer. Locate Activity Areas once the family needs have been determined, areas for these activities must be located on the property. Their placement should be considered in terms of the house plan and in relation to other activities in and adjacent to the property. These activity areas could include a public area, entrance, living area, quiet zone, service and work area, or vegetable or cut-flower garden plot.

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