Why Choose Single Ply Roofing System?

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Why Choose Single Ply Roofing System?

IKO’s armourplan single ply roofing system can be a best option for your roofs due to several reasons. This roofing option is offering flexible and durable waterproofing solution. These are suitable for a wide range of roofing applications across different sorts of constructions. It can be used on both flat and slope roofs, which is a great advantage for roofing contractors. By dealing with high quality roofing solutions, ABNG International is the leading supplier of roofing materials in Oman

A Popular Choice for Roofing

Singly ply roofing system has become a popular choice for roofing contractors and house owners in the last 30 years. This is mainly due to the advantages of this roofing option. The biggest benefit they offer is that they are a light-weight solution for roofs. Thus the roofing contractors can minimize the roof zone depth and can have more flexibility in the design. IKO armourplan single ply has several benefits that makes property owners and contractors to choose them. The aesthetically pleasing nature of armourplan single ply is making it more attractive to property owners. By providing roofing solutions and other building materials, ABNG International is providing various range of building materials Dubai

Benefits of Armourplan Single Ply

  • Offering fast-track and safe installation. Here no hot works or frames will be involved in the process of installation.
  • They are lightweight and can be used for many construction needs easily. 
  • The roof zone depth of the building can be reduced and thus the architects can give more flexible designs.
  • It can be used for warm or cold roofs.
  • It can be used on roofs that are flat, inverted or sloped.
  • While installing, it can be mechanically fastened, adhered or ballasted by providing maximum system flexibility. 
  • Available in different range of membranes

Features of IKO Armourplan

There are a number of features that qualify IKO Armourplan as one of the leading roofing companies in UAE. Here are the important features of IKO Armourplan:

  • They offer exceptional mechanical properties and product performance.
  • Available in either 1.2mm or 1.5mm thickness.
  • Light weight and thus flexible for any design. 
  • High UV resistance of the sheets.
  • Long service life.
  • Requires comparatively less maintenance.
  • Efficient and safe installation can be carried out.
  • Secure and seam welding quality.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish of the single ply.
  • Complete range of accessories are available for this.

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