Your Road to Speedy Repairs with Cold Patch Solutions

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Your Road to Speedy Repairs with Cold Patch Solutions

At ABNG, a leading supplier of construction materials in Kuwait, we understand the disruption and frustration caused by potholes and damaged roads that affect passengers. That is why we are proud to offer a revolutionary solution, which is the US-patented Cold Patch. This is a superfast and eco-friendly way to repair damaged surfaces, minimizing downtime and ensuring the safety of motorists.

Open Traffic Immediately

We have seen plenty of road constructions which critically affected the passengers and motorists. Some may take weeks to repair the damages. At ABNG, we know that it is very crucial to look at the convenience and needs of people. That is why we serve the nation with the best and reliable road construction solutions. Unlike traditional hot asphalt patching methods that require lengthy road closures for curing, our Cold Patch formula allows for open traffic immediately after application. This significantly reduces road repair time and minimizes inconvenience for commuters and businesses. This innovative solution has received approval by the Department of States, further emphasizing its reliability and effectiveness.

Our Cold Patch is not just fast, it is also built to last. This high performance cold mix formula boasts exceptional durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic loads. No heating is required for application, further reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Plus, the Cold Patch formula boasts zero volatile organic compounds, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for urban environments.

Ideal for Sensitive Areas and All Weather Conditions

Perfect for streets or roads containing oil, gas, and other pipelines, our Cold Patch solution eliminates the risk of damaging buried infrastructure during repairs. Additionally, it requires no high-end machinery for application, streamlining the repair process and reducing costs.

As one of the finest go-to choices for building supplies in Kuwait, ABNG is committed to promoting sustainable construction practices. Our Cold Patch is an eco-friendly cold patch solution that requires no mixing, further reducing waste and simplifying application. Furthermore, this innovative product can be used in all weather conditions, making it a versatile solution for year round road maintenance.


By choosing ABNG’s Cold Patch solution for your road repairs, you are not just choosing a faster option, more than that you are choosing a high performance, sustainable, and cost effective solution.  Let our team of construction materials experts in Kuwait help you find the perfect solution for your road repair needs. At ABNG, our first quality reinforced concrete in Kuwait shows the level of commitment we offer in every building and construction materials. We care about the safety of people and therefore the progress of the nation. Together, we can keep Kuwait’s roads safe and efficient for generations to come.

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